The joy, for me, is in the making.”

A working artist for 16 years, Lois always had a knack (ok, an obsession) for "making things".  Sewing, macrame, candlemaking, cooking was all fun and games.  When she discovered Clay in the early 90s, she found her soul.

Lois attended NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, pursuing her love of Radio. She began a career that  extended into television programming, working for years programming the music for VH1 and then launching and programming VH1 UK.

During her years living in London, Lois found herself surrounded by a rich history in pottery and tableware design.  “The British consider Ceramics and clay work a fine art . I found myself constantly exposed to wonderful antique and contemporary work. I fell head over heels in love.”  She knew inately that "following the clay" would lead her to her life's work.

Influenced by Antonio Gaudi, Eva Zeisel, and the NY Skyline, her work looks toward organic shapes, vivid color, and texture for inspiration.  Her signature “Beady” glaze is tactile and begs to be touched.  “Don’t take me to a museum.  I touch everything.  I like to feel things, which is perhaps why i’m drawn to tactile arts, like fiber and clay”.  

Lois’ tableware is hand thrown porcelain, which is extremely strong and durable.  “My work is made to be used and enjoyed.   I want my work to be part of people’s everyday lives. That little something that contributes to the uniqueness of one’s surroundings.”

 Lois hand-makes all her work in her Brooklyn, NY studio. She is also an avid knitter and handspinner, a maker of messes, and a damn fine cook.  She still loves the music, which blasts through her Gowanus, Brooklyn studio constantly.